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Nimble School Administrator Instructions

The School Administrator allows you to register students to take their NECAP science assessment using NimbleTools. You can also assign test accessibility and accommodations profiles for registered students.


1) Quick Overview
2) Administrator Login
3) Administrator Overview Page
4) Students Page
5) Test Registration Tab
6) Set Accommodations Tab
7) Student's Information/Data Tab
8) Adding a Student to the Student List
9) Printing Test Tickets
10) Adding Additional Administrators

Quick Overview:

  1. Log In at
  2. Register Students to take a test
    1. Click on Students tab.
    2. Click and launch each student you wish to add to a test.
    3. Click the checkbox for the appropriate tests.
    4. Set their accessibility needs on the Test Tools Ta.b
  3. Get ticket numbers for a test
    1. Click on either the Overview or Students tab.
    2. Click the Print Ticket List button and select the appropriate test.
  4. LOG OUT when all your work for all students is complete.

More Detailed Information

Administrator Login: Enter your Username and Password for NimbleTools Administrator which you received in the mail. If you are a principal and have misplaced your username or password please email us at and please include your name, school, state, and username (if you know it). If you are not a principal, please get your login information from your principal.

Login screen shot

Overview Page: Your starting page will include any announcements or reminders on instructions, a short list of available tests, and the ability to print test tickets for any of the tests.

Home page screen shot

Students Page: This page allows you to view all students who are eligible to use NimbleTools during an operational test. Whether or not the student has been registered, all students are listed on this page.

NimbleTools Registration Screen shot

The list includes the names of all students, the student’s grade, assigned tests, and assigned accessibility settings. The list of students can easily be sorted by clicking on the header of the column you want to sort the list by. For example, clicking on the Last Name header will sort this list by the Student’s Last Name.

Column widths are temporarily adjusted by clicking on the line which separates the column headers and dragging it to its new width. However, this can only be done where the column header is located and your new widths will not be saved the next time the application is opened.

If you click on the "Columns" button in the upper left, a pop up window will let you add or subtract information that is displayed in the data grid.

To modify any student assignment information:

Register a Student for a Test: click on the tests you wish the student to be registered to use NimbleTools. Press the "save changes" button when you wish to save your choices.

Student Test Registration Tab


Test Tools Tab: The Test Tools tab displays which accessibility/accommodation tools students can use during the test.

Setting Test Accessibility Tools for Students

Check the boxes for the accessibility or accommodations you think would best suit this particular student. Press the save changes button when you are finished.

Student's Data Tab: you can view a particular students information in the Data tab. You can not change this information if the information was supplied from your state's student data file.

Student's Data or Information Tab

If anyone in the school added a student to this list, you can change that student's information. Make the changes you need in the Data Tab, then press the "save changes" button.

Test Tickets Tab: The Test Tickets tab contains the test ticket numbers for a single student only. An individual students' tickets can be printed from this tab. See the instructions below for printing tickets for ALL registered students. Students will need these ticket numbers to take a secure test. Please note, there may be more than 1 ticket number for each student if the assessment has multiple testing sessions.

Print a single student's test tickets

Each student will also have a unique username used as the student login name for the test. The complete name of the test and test administration dates will be displayed above the list of students.

Printing Test Tickets for All Registered Students

A complete student list of usernames and ticket numbers can be printed for a test or you can printout an individual student ticket.

To print a test ticket list :

  1. Go to either the Overview or Students tab.
  2. Click on "Print Ticket List" button.
  3. Select the appropriate test from the drop down list.
  4. Press the "print tickets" button.

Print Test Tickets

Adding a "New" Student

add a new student buttonYou can add a student to your school's list by pressing the "add a new student" button on the Students page.

Add all the information for the student you need to add. You can update this information later, if needed. For New Hampshire, you MUST enter the student's state identification number. That number is optional for Vermont and Rhode Island schools.

Add a new student form

Adding a Teacher or Proctor

If you are the school principal, you can add other administrators to your school. These administrators can perform all the same student level tasks as principals, but they are not able to add other administrators. Use the" add a new administrator" button to enter their information. Also remember to add the administrators access levels.

Administrator Tab

The username and passwords will be automatically generated for the teacher/proctor. You can NOT change this name or password. You will need to provide this information to the added administrators. If the username or password is lost or compromised, please call the help line.

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