NimbleTools: a universally designed assessment (test) system

Guidelines for Accessible Assessment Project (GAAP)

Diagnostic Geometry Assessment (DGA)


NimbleTools Demonstrations

NimbleTools awarded 2008 da Vinci Award! The da Vinci Award recognizes "Exceptional design & engineering achievements in accessibility and Universal Design, that empowers people of all abilities."
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Nimble Assessment Systems is a subsidiary of Measured Progress, Inc.

NimbleTools is part of our Universal Assessment System which fully integrates eighteen access and test accommodation tools.
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NimbleTools is designed for use by general education students and students with special needs. This means that a single version of a test can be created and delivered to students across a school, district, or state in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The accessibility and accommodation tools embedded within NimbleTools also assure that students with disabilities and special needs are provided with appropriate accommodations in a standardized and controlled manner. NimbleTools’ monitoring of each students' accessibility and accommodation tool usage assures accuracy in the reporting of test accommodation use.

detail of Read Aloud controllerThe accessibility and accommodation tools built into NimbleTools include:

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